About Us

Our brand is togetherness. Each of our beads represent a different charity and the help they provide. From Leukemia to Lupus, nobody should fight their battle alone! Every purchase from our company benefits one of our eight amazing charities. Wear your Bravery beads proudly and unite with the people around you. Fighting alone is scary, but together we are brave.

My Story

My name is Corey Ware. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease for which I have been receiving treatments for over the past ten years. After getting back on my feet, following a few complications and surgeries I knew it was time to give back!

Bravery Beads


Bravery Beads started as an idea. An idea to bring people together who needed it the most. I looked around at the people around me and saw how much support I've been given through my struggles and thought about how I can share that support with the world. How can I give someone I've never spoken to bravery? And hence, this company was born!

Giving Back

Every color represents a different charity and ten percent is donated from every sale. 

The charities my wristbands' represent are special to me in one way or another. The money I put into these charities help fund research to better understand these diseases or disorders, but by wearing them it is a silent way of saying "I support you" to everyone I pass in the street. I never had to go through my battles alone, and neither do you.





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